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Get Festive With Hardshore Distilling Co.

Photo for: Get Festive With Hardshore Distilling Co.

22/12/2021 Have a gin-ny Christmas with Hardshore Distilling Co.

Christmas comes but once a year! And this season is the perfect time to remind everyone that gin doesn't have to taste like a Christmas tree. That's why the talented team at the Hardshore Distillery Co. agonizes over extracting the brightest rosemary and soft mint notes in their distinctive gin to really highlight the fact that gin has changed.


The Hardshore Distilling Company believes in doing things differently. The team is constantly trying to coax new textures in their spirits. Their Hardshore Original Gin and Hardshore North Oak Barrel Rested Gin won gold medals with a total score of 94 points and 92 points respectively at the 2021 Bartender Spirits Awards.


Hardshore North Oak Barrel Rested Gin Tasting Notes


Hardshore Original Gin Tasting Notes

If you'll be in Portland, Maine, be sure to visit Terlingua BBQ and ask for their stunning Rosemary Paloma that makes full use of the rosemary notes in their gin for a very gin-ny Christmas!

Visit their website for more information - Hardshore Distilling Co.

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