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Best 10 Spirits for New Year Eve by BSA 2023

Photo for: Best 10 Spirits for New Year Eve by BSA 2023

14/12/2023 Vodka! Rum! Gin! Seltzer! Tequila! We are setting up a table for you. We are excited to roll out the most unique and award winning spirits judged by our World class professionals at Bartender Spirits Awards 2023.

From mouth-watering treats to impressive pyrotechnics these are the ways that people commonly celebrate New Year around the world. As we step in to celebrate new year’s eve with joy & excitement. Friends, family bursting out in adventure for a new journey, events like such can never be complete without a glass in hand, to compliment the celebration why not try the best? 

From Dominance of Juniper to Sweet lime note, botanically farmed & hand picked produced spirits are right to serve on your palate. What makes these Spirits more peculiar & distinct is their status at Bartender Choice Awards 2023, One of the most recognized Spirit competitions in the world. The BSA medal not only adds prestige but also positions your products for recognition within the vibrant U.S. bar scene while spirits go through the ordeal of judgment. 

When Norton Christopher, Top 100 World Class Bartender and a Beverage & Food consultant shared opinion on his favorite spirit, he expressed that the chosen Corpen gin has an Exceptional profile with an unique set of spices & brightness steering you to summer all the way to winter negroni.

So to commence on our promenade filled with challenges & adventure, toasting to Spirit’s Eve.

1. Peter in Florence London Dry gin

image source: Peter in florence

Traditional Peter in Florence London Dry gin comes with a scaled-down version of the historic Carter Head still. Compiled in glass bottle Florence truly invites a touch of Juniper on the nose submerged with an extremely well balanced blend of herbs & Citrus with Floral note. 

Peter in Florence London Dry Gin notably managed to leave a score of Perfect 99 points along with multiple recognition as “GRAND SPIRIT OF THE YEAR”, “GRAND GIN OF THE YEAR” Awards at Bartender Spirits Awards 2023. Setting a New Benchmark in the world of spirits. 

Perfection requires special treatment for which Peter in Florence made the first micro-distillery specializing in Gin in Italy, which dedicated a laboratory to give a complete 360-degree gin experience. 

Pleasing Mouthfeel & a lingering Finish sets the table for new years eve!

2. Ritual Zero Proof Aperitif Alternative

Image source: Ritual Zero Proof

This is Wonderful, the fact that this is non-alcoholic, ZERO ABV still does wonders. In Terms of Taste this is exactly what an aperitif tea does, it's Bright, it's citrusy, it has a body, it has a structure which is typically there in every alcohol” expressions by Abraham Vucekovich, Beverage Director of Meadowlark Hospitality, chicago. 

Ritual Zero Proof Aperitif stands with a superhero cape saving itself an astonishing 98 Rating at Bartender Spirits Awards 2023. Our team of Experts couldn’t believe its ability to mimic the taste, flavor & sensation of a traditional spirits without Alcohol. 

Get yourself a taste of herbal licorice root, sweet lime, cola and fade to a bitter finish which leave no commitment issues on your palate or in your cocktail. 

3.  BEG Brazilian Boutique Dry Gin

Image source: BEG Brazilian Boutique

BEG Bautique’s Brazilian Dry Gin is more than a reward where supremacy of Juniper takes over your senses. Enlightening taste sets a blend of Pitangueira leaf, lemongrass & elderflower with sweet citrusy, leaving a strong aroma beneath. 

Impressively BEG Boutique’s Authentic Brazilian Dry Gin earned 98 Points and a Double Gold award in Bartender Spirits Awards 2023. Our Judges couldn’t get enough of BEG Brazilian Boutique Dry Gin’s unique Flavour & aroma so how will you resist?

So, whether you prefer it neat or as the hero of your favorite cocktails, BEG Brazilian Boutique Dry Gin adds that extra punch to your memorable Eve night. 

4. Sunray Hard Seltzer Strawberry

Image Source: OK Athens Ltd

Solace Strawberry created its own tradition starting from Greece now Globally. A hard Seltzer brings you cool chills in the sun or in any party, a strong aroma of delicious strawberries following your palate delicately. 

Marvely Sunray Hard Seltzer Strawberry scored an impressive 98 points & a Double Gold award in Bartender Spirits Awards 2023. Our Judge Jessica Schjavland, lead Bartender at San Pedro Square Market Bar was left in WOW, as she embraced that ‘Strawberry, melon over a decadent mouthfeel with Rich flavors and delicate balance. So Strong! Definitely number one in my Book”. 

Delicate Blend of Berries and Alcohol has acknowledged its acceptance by the market and the recognition of the company received honorably at Bartender Spirits Awards which has identified its name with quality. The best confirmation that OK Athens has created today is creation of its own tradition in the Greek Wine market.

5. CopperMuse Vodka with Lavender

Image source: CopperMuse

Hand Crafted in the United States, CopperMuse excellent work brewing heritage as they implement/elevate new standards of quality in the world of Wine as well to the distillation process. 

Remarkably, CopperMuse Vodka with Lavender achieved an impressive 98 points and Vodka Producer of the Year along with the Grand Vodka of the Year award at Bartender Spirits Award 2023. 

Magnificent heights to attain as our judges explained its versatile flavor profile “Lots of spices dancing on the tongue and caraway is a major player. Excellent mouthfeel with a nice lingering finish, ideal for a martini”.

6. Beenleigh Artisan Distillers Double Cask Rum

Image Source: BeenLeigh

Bickord’s Beenleigh Artisan Distillers Double Cask Rum is truly a gem, securing 97 points, a Double Gold Award & Grand Rum of the Year Award at Bartender Spirit Awards 2023. Derived from Native Australia with a history of 175 years, Beenleigh Artisan Distillers Double Cask Rum shows class of excellence. 

What makes it different? Its Loving sweetness, not overpowering still sight, smell, taste and feel remains extraordinary. Supertasters of BSA explained its flavor profile as Fruity on the nose with berry notes and a soft spiciness. Overall, a well balanced rum that is unique and has a long finish.

Golden Dark color singing strong essence of rum, as warm as bonfire let's have some fun!

7.  BRUCATO AMARO Chaparral

Image Source: Brucato Amaro

Boat full of berries, sweet vanilla with notes of herbs packs a punch for a memorable New year’s Eve. Flavors explained as a complex layer of mint, essential thyme, oregano to enhance & caraway. Brucato Amaro Chaparral scored an impressive 97 points, a Double Gold Medal & GRAND LIQUEUR OF THE YEAR at Bartender Spirits Awards 2023. 

Brucato amaro’s Chaparral are made with the integrity of ingredients and the sense of place that are the hallmark of a traditional Italian bitter liqueurs.

Whether you serve neat or on ice, mixed with soda, sparkling wine, or both, or in a cocktail it’s gonna be delicious every way. 

8. Eva's Spritz 

Image source: For bitter For worse 

Eva’s Spritz tropical drinks are mind-bendingly delicious not only they are quick to serve, it also left the judges impressed with a remarkable score of 97 points, earning a Double Gold Medal at Bartender Spirit Awards 2023. 

With a gentle touch on Palate, tropically interesting on nose infused papaya smell and organic citrus fading away soulfully hibiscus aroma with prune like finish. Even with less than 0.5% alcohol it still conveys a captivating & unique flavor.

At a New Year’s party, serve it with a goblet with ice and an orange wedge, or a flute at toast time—but you do you! 

9. El Perro Grande Blanco Tequila

Image source: EP Grande

El Perro Grande Blanco Tequilas - a pack of fury flavor made from 100% Blue Agave from the rich soils of Jalisco, Mexico. Sipping Blanco Tequila features fresh floral and agave scents with subtle hints of vanilla. The elevated texture of this Tequila gives it a silky, creamy finish – making it perfect for sipping or as the star ingredient in any number of innovative tequila cocktails.

El Perro Grande Blanco Tequilas was found welcoming with unique set of characteristics elaborated by Abraham Vucekovich, Beverage Director of Meadowlark Hospitality at Bartender Spirits Awards 2023 - “Off the nose a great experience, earthly but creaminess on the finish, Little bit of pink peppery notes, a wonderful sip”. 

Astonishing 95 points at Bartenders Spirit Awards 2023 explains its creativity and excellence infused together bringing a sense of achievement & flavor in every sip. An auspicious drink for an  Auspicious day!

10. Selva Gin

Image Source: Selva Gin

Selva stands for ‘Jungle’ in Spanish, deriving diversity & culture to every consumer. As the name suggests indigenous Selva Gin brings Citrus Bouquet offering blend of local Colombian ingredients followed by Red currant and basil on the palate. 

Notably, Selva Gin clinched a perfect 95 points and a prestigious Gold Medal at Bartender Spirits Awards 2023. A sip of Selva Gin will submerge you with a herbal backbone, a base of spice, taste of Limon mandarino kind of calamansi and an exceptional essence of hibiscus & cocoa.  

Checkout more on Selva Gin in an exciting & captivating conversation between Sid Patel - CEO of Beverage Trade Network and Bartender Spirits Awards & Vincent Pollard - co-founder of SELVA GIN SAS about their successful Creation. 


To summarize everything, the world of spirits has everything for you to celebrate. Award-winning Spirits from Bartender Spirit Awards 2023, offers a range of variety with quality & authenticity, from Peter in Florence to Selva Gin, Sweet finish to Dry, Citrusy to Creamy, Celebration or not - 

A toast to every single day! 


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