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Red Hazel Spiced Whiskey Impressive Win at Bartender Spirits Awards

Photo for: Red Hazel Spiced Whiskey Impressive Win at Bartender Spirits Awards

26/02/2024 Discover the fascinating story of appealing and delightful Red Hazel Spiced Whiskey, as well as the considerable hurdles it encountered before winning at the Bartender Spirits Awards.

In the dynamic world of spirits, where tradition meets innovation, Red Hazel Whiskey stands out as a beacon of devotion and merit at the Bartender Spirits Awards. Founded by the visionary siblings Eric Burton (Ty Burtin) and Telitra Burtin-Johnson (TK-Burtin), Red Hazel was born from a deep-rooted love for whiskey and a desire to create a brand that resonates with aficionados and newcomers alike.

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Since they could remember, the brother and sister duo, Ty Burtin and TK Burtin, shared fond memories of family and friends enjoying cocktails and plenty of laughs together. Red Hazel, the brainchild of Co-founder TK Burtin-Johnson, comes from a passion for connecting with people and enjoying a well-crafted Old Fashioned. The pair developed the Red Hazel brand for generations of whiskey drinkers who enjoy a smooth taste with a slight cinnamon finish.

From its inception in the vibrant city of Atlanta, Red Hazel embarked on a journey fueled by creativity and determination. TK Burtin-Johnson's background in VIP package and bottle sales, along with experience as a model and brand specialist, provided the perfect foundation for the brand's inception. Inspired by a pivotal moment where women engaged passionately in discussions about whiskey and cigars, the vision for Red Hazel crystallized—a brand catering to whiskey-loving women, connoisseurs, and novices alike.

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Red Hazel Spiced Whiskey clinched an impressive accolade at the Bartender Spirits Awards 2023, securing 87 points and a coveted silver medal. Esteemed judges were enraptured by its tantalizing aroma of vanilla, accompanied by a delightful spicy undertone. The whiskey's luscious body, reminiscent of honey nut cheerios, culminates in a luxuriously rich finish.

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TK Burtin-Johnson, the driving force behind Red Hazel Spiced Whiskey, exuded pride at the recognition garnered from the prestigious Bartender Spirits Awards, underscoring Red Hazel's stature as a premium flavored whiskey. Reflecting on their triumph, TK shared, “Our brand has leveraged the invaluable feedback received from the awards to enhance our standing in the market. Through diligent application of this feedback, we've refined our brand, resulting in significant recognition as a premium quality flavored whiskey renowned for its outstanding mixability.”

She added, “The Bartender Spirits Award has been instrumental in bolstering our brand's prestige. Esteemed bartenders and industry experts, wielding considerable influence over consumer tastes, have enthusiastically endorsed our whiskey, cementing its status as a preferred option for creating inventive cocktails. As a result, we’ve forged valuable connections and expanded our reach within the on-premise market.”

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Despite facing challenges, including the tumultuous landscape of launching during the COVID-19 pandemic, Red Hazel persevered, leveraging online sales and securing distribution in Georgia. Adapting to obstacles such as glass shortages, the brand listened attentively to customer feedback, evolving into a product that resonated deeply with its audience.

TK Burtin emphasized the substantial returns on investment derived from participating in the Bartender Spirits Awards, affirming, “Our decision to enter the Bartender Spirits Award has proven immensely valuable. The award results not only validate our commitment to quality but have also opened doors to new opportunities. The return on investment—both in terms of recognition and business growth—has been exceptional, and we feel as though this is a well-spent entry fee.”

Winning these accolades not only validates winners' efforts but also positions them as a preferred choice for discerning bartenders and establishments seeking premium spirits that resonate with their clientele. As Red Hazel's success story unfolds, it serves as a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and resilience in the world of spirits.

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