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Golden journey of Left Bank Straight Bourbon Whisky at Bartender Spirits Awards

Photo for: Golden journey of Left Bank Straight Bourbon Whisky at Bartender Spirits Awards

21/02/2024 Discover the story of how Ken and Joshua created an award-winning blend of rich straight bourbon whiskey aged on the banks of the Ohio River later following a winding journey by barrel on the river to New Orleans.

Crafting bourbon’s history in a bottle, Left Bank Distilled Spirits follows the centuries-old method of taking whisky distilled and aged in Kentucky and transporting it by river to New Orleans. With a voyage, the vessel, its legend, and its craft of age-inspired methods led Left Bank distilled spirits to a remarkable achievement at the Bartender Spirits Awards.

Image source: leftbankbourbon

At Left Bank Spirits, they understand that up to 60-80% of a whiskey's flavor profile is shaped by the maturation process in barrels. Their expertise lies in the careful selection of barrels, the addition of finishing staves, and the art of blending, culminating in the perfect bottling proof. This dedication enables them to create a bourbon whiskey that not only tastes exceptional but also weaves a narrative of bourbon's storied past into its very essence.

The journey of Left Bank Bourbon Whiskey began three years prior, with its inaugural barrel arriving in October 2020, marking a significant milestone in the spirits industry. The term "Left Bank Descending" originates from nautical terminology, referring to the left side of a river when sailing downstream, deeply rooted in the brand's identity and process.

Image source: leftbankbourbon

Ken Hagan, Owner of Left Bank Distilled Spirits, proudly reflects on their success at the Bartender Spirits Awards as “Left Bank Bourbon is proud to have won a gold medal in the 2023 Bartender Spirits Awards. We've incorporated the accolade into our online media, shelf talkers, and presentations when doing tastings at premises and retail outlets. This award, being judged by bartenders, gives us a talking point to begin discussions with skeptical patrons.”

He added, “In a market with dozens of new bourbons popping up, having the bona fides of a gold medal from bartenders helps us open consumers' minds to trying our new bourbon. Once it hits their lips, it's up to our bourbon to convince people. But we appreciate the help this medal gives us in opening more people's minds and lips to our product.”

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Left Bank Bourbon Whiskey captivated experts at the Bartender Spirits Awards with its distinct flavor profile, boasting notes of fresh vanilla and oak, underscored by a strong heat. The gold medal and impressive score of 92 points underscore the passion and dedication poured into every batch, offering consumers a taste of history in every sip.

Image source: Ken Hagan and Josh Easton, owners and creators of Left Bank Bourbon Whisky (from left to right).

“By founding Left Bank Distilled Spirits, I aim to make delicious American whiskies. Left Bank combines Kentucky’s seasons, a journey down a dynamic river, and the spirit and passion of New Orleans into spirits that could not be made anywhere else in the world. The Left Bank company is the happy intersection of all these elements along with a brotherhood of friendship,” says Joshua Easton, Co-Owner of Left Bank Distilled Spirits on his vision for the brand. 

Owner of Left Bank Distilled Spirits, Ken Hagan’s relentless pursuit of excellence is evident in his focus on the aging process and its profound impact on the whiskey's aroma, mouthfeel, and flavor. 

In terms of measurable feedback, Ken acknowledges the positive impact, stating, “This experience is different from many of the other spirits competitions in that it has more focus on mixability. This is not just people sitting around judging bourbon as a standalone drink. While we blended our core bourbon expression to be extremely drinkable and neat, we also worked hard to balance the flavor profile to make a perfect cocktail bourbon. This award reinforces our effort in that area.” 

Image source: leftbankbourbon

Bartender Spirits Awards stands out from other events due to its distinctive approach, which resonates with industry insiders. This approach not only differentiates it from the rest but also motivates brands like Left Bank Spirits to return, driven by the desire for validation from experts deeply rooted in the field.

Summarizing this success story, Ken and Joshua's journey with Left Bank Spirits embodies a commitment to recreating historical taste using traditional methods while continuously striving for improvement. Their success at the Bartender Spirits Awards reflects the brand's unwavering dedication to quality and tradition, leaving a memorable mark on the spirits sector with each distinction received.

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