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Gin’s Influence in uplifting Spirits Industry globally

Photo for: Gin’s Influence in uplifting Spirits Industry globally

18/01/2024 Gin’s Pace over the years has offered the world its Versatile & botanically niche qualities having one of the most dramatic changes in history, here we see how Gin had an impact in the spirits industry.

Globally celebrated Spirit - Gin, known for its intricacy and yore, symbolizes a world of Creativity that extends far beyond the clinking of glasses. From its arousing market value to its Traditional impact, gin’s reports weave through time and across continents. With its peculiar health benefits, the origin of this well-known spirit played many roles in historical events and is still counting more. 

“Total global gin consumption is expected to rise 4.4% during the period 2018-2023, according to the IWSR’s forecasts.”

The peripheral view of the growing demand for Gin in the market is due to its complex yet versatile taste & texture influenced more by small distilleries that are craft-focused. With the rise of the Craft spirits movements, small distilleries have become a crucial part of the gin’s market growth, and emphasizing its provenance credentials was a marketing masterstroke, exceptionally timed with the rise of Social media & global Marketing resulted in the boost of consumer’s interest. 

Image Source: Unsplash

As per IWSR, forecasts confirm that the UK is a well-established land of gin trends. “its performance is particularly telling; total gin consumption was over 6m nine-liter cases in 2018. Which is expected to rise to over 10m cases by 2023, according to the IWSR’s data.”

The UK is also the World’s largest Gin exporter - at the rise of 315 distilleries throughout the nation, more than double the number operating in the previous five years. Followed by Germany, Spain, and Italy. 

A report from IWSR showed that sales of premium and super-premium gin have experienced impressive growth with a rise of 14.7% and 25.2% respectively. The forecast growth for upmarket gin brands is also positive, with CAGR for premium, super-premium, and ultra-premium gin at 10.4%, 13.9%, and 17.6% respectively. Although the growth is not predicted to rival the previous five years, it is still a promising trend. On the other hand, the value segment lost volume between 2013-2018, albeit a paltry -1%. These statistics show that there is a growing demand for high-end gin brands, and companies should take note of this trend to cater to their customer's preferences. 

Image Source: isleofwightdistillery

The gin market is ever-evolving and constantly changing, the regions that produce it to the consumers it targets, and the dynamism of this category is unmatched. With a fact that pink gin is no longer a niche spin-off; it is a rapidly expanding segment in its liberty. Bartender Spirits Awards 2023 had a presence of Unique Mermaid Pink Gin with an outstanding 86 points & a Silver Medal as their accomplishment at the competition. 

Tasting Notes firmly express ‘Strong notes of raspberry on the nose with a finish of blackberry, blueberry, and raspberry.’ Check out the Winner here

Brands like Gordon’s, Beefeater, Pinkster, and Edinburgh Gin have already released their pink gin. With more – savory gins are now cruising out of the craft market and into the mainstream industry. Undoubtedly, Bartenders and others may be surprised to know that the world’s greatest gin market stands in the Philippines, Majorly run by the preferred distribution of affordable San Miguel gin. The Philippine market grew by 5.3% between 2013 and 2018; the forecast 2018-2023 CAGR is 3.8%, as per the IWSR’s data.

Let’s venture on a journey through the wonderful world of gin, exploring insights & captivating Global Best Gin from Bartender Spirits Awards 2023, with facts that reveal the depth and breadth of these fabulous drinks. 

1. Tradewind Gin

Image Source: koolaudistillery

95 proof Handcrafted in Hawaii – Small batched Tradewind Gin is an American Dry Gin distilled from grain. Bright citrus and subtle floral notes blend to create the perfect spirit designed for the American palate and those who want to stay on island time.

At Bartender Spirits Awards 2023, Tradewind Gin took 85 points & a Silver Medal with winds highlighting its soothing citrusy appeal to taste buds. 

Tasting Notes:
Clean aromatics on the front end. Bright flavors with juniper and anise coming in stronger after the finish. Hints of ripe fruits balanced with botanicals.

2. Andean Gin

Image Source: andeangin

Andean Gin is the perfect addition to your classic cocktail. The well-known Gin recipe was created by a world-class chef with premium botanicals directly sourced from only the best providers of juniper, citrus, apples, and hand-selected Andean herbs. Gentle distillate delivers a subtle flirtation of spice and citrus pairing a great adventure for Bartenders & Mixologist to include in the menu. 

With 91 points & a Gold Medal at Bartender Spirits Awards 2023, judges were impressed with its complexity & scope of creativity which can be expressed by Mixologists. 

Tasting Notes:
Black licorice and candied fruit on the nose. Slight hint of strawberry. Slightly sweet mouthfeel with a pleasantly long finish.

3. Granddad Jack's 65 Miles Gin

Image Source: granddadjacks

Granddad Jack’s 65 Miles Gin comes with 57% ABV and a unique blend of botanicals, including juniper, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, orange, and star anise, fierce in every note amplifying a cocktail experience.

Granddad Jack’s 65 Mile Gin was compelling at Bartender Spirits Awards 2023 winning 92 points marvelously along with a Gold Medal for its tranquil flavor profile. 

Bartender’s favorite and gold medal-winning gin is served best with either East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic or Long Rays Pacific Tonic, ice, and a dehydrated orange garnish. 

4. Purity Old Tom Organic Gin

Image Source: puritydistillery

Purity Old Tom Organic Gin has been around since the 17th century in London, and it has continued to be the ultimate gin for elevated cocktails. One of the things that make Old Tom gin stand out is its softness on the palate and subtle touch of sweetness. Organic juniper and other botanicals are blended with a pinch of organic sugar cane, resulting in a delicious, smooth gin that is perfect for making great cocktails or enjoying neat on ice or ready to experiment with new recipes. 

Winning a Gold at Bartender Spirits Awards 2023 along with a staggering 92 points, Purity Old Tom Organic Gin displayed a class of authenticity & great texture in the field of flavors. 

Tasting Notes:
Malt and citrus on the nose. Sweet neutral palate with notes of berries. Short finish.

5. Boodles Gin

Image Source: boodlesgin

Every batch of Boodles British Gin defines Labor and Patience. Begins as a clean spirit distilled from British wheat. The liquid is then redistilled in a Carter Head copper still, which allows the botanicals to gradually infuse into the spirit. 

The Never-changing recipe contains botanicals sourced from the finest farmers around the world. Interestingly, Boodles Gin contains no citrus a practical decision made by original distillers who expected a brilliant drink to include a slice of lemon or lime instead it is infused with traditional herbs including nutmeg, sage & rosemary. These ingredients add a mellow but herbal quality to Boodles, which balances out the essential piney notes from juniper. Experts rated Boodles British Gin a perfect 92 points & a Gold Medal at Bartender Spirits Awards 2023. 

See its Tasting profile below:
Great representation of the London Dry style. Juniper and citrusy nose, bright and playful taste, and clean and developed finish. Great for sipping, or even mixing in a cocktail.

The inclined choice for Mixology and further experiments to achieve a forthright but subtle spirit, suitable for any brilliant drinks.

6. Mermaid Gin

Image Source: isleofwightdistillery

Lead Botanical Rock samphire also known as Mermaid’s Kiss is what brings stimulation to Enchanting Mermaid Gin. Hand-crafted on the Isle of Wight since 2014 using ten ethically sourced botanicals, Mermaid Gin delivers a smooth yet complex blend of fresh organic lemon zest and peppery grains of paradise, with a hint of sea air from wild-foraged, fragrant rock samphire. A refreshing and invigorating serve for spirits enthusiastic & Experts.

Distinct creative packaging and excellent taste of Mermaid Gin was presented in Bartender Spirits Awards 2023 making them a winner of a perfect 95 points along with a Gold Medal. 

Tasting Notes:
Bright citrus and a pleasing juniper on the nose. Very floral on the palette, complex, with a long finish.

7. Saneha

Image source: sanehaglobal

With the finest ingredients from Thailand blended gracefully with local traditions and culture, Saneha delivers an authentic, luxurious & distinct pleasure to palette. Presenting the mission to extract the purest expressions out from Thailand’s rich culinary culture by locally sourcing 100% natural botanical ingredients, hand selecting, and preparing them in an infusion during distillation.

The alluring presence of Juniper, Makwean, Pineapple, Coriander, Sugarcane, and Ginger Flower with clove scent swerves this traditional Gin into drinkers favorite. At the Bartender Spirits Awards 2023, Saneha stood out with 94 points along with a Gold Medal at the competition. 

Tasting Notes:
Tastes of grains, bergamot, and a slight peppery finish.

Check out the Winner here

8. Corpen Gin

Image Source: corpenbarcelona

Corpen Gin Mestral is a Limited edition gin by Corpen Gin distillery from Barcelona. Made in Small batches this refined gin is a specific winter selection defined by winter spices, full of warming cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and more.  After distillation, it is rested with dehydrated apples, cranberries, and lemon peel to leave a delightful blend of spice, tartness, and a touch of sweetness.  

94 points winner at Bartender Spirits Awards 2023 along with clenching Gold Medal at the competition sets Corpen Gin as the top choice for Bartenders and their bars. 

Tasting Notes:
Light notes of cola and brûlée sugar with a creamy yet elegant and pronounced finish.

Corpen Barcelona also contributes to sustainability by using 100% recyclable material for the production of bottles. The Distinct green color represents their use of recyclable glass with clear material. 

9. Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin

Image Source: barrhill

Finely aged Tom Cat Gin is a tour into new territories of flavor as well as creation. Once distilled, Barr Hill Gin is aged in new American oak barrels in search of a bolder expression. The robust character of the new oak barrel mingles with the coniferous quality of the juniper, yielding an enticing aroma. A touch of raw honey leaves this revolutionary spirit remarkably approachable, whether drinking neat or in a cocktail. With remarkable characteristics, Barr Hill Gin stands firm against bourbon or even whiskey. 

A Golden Medal along with an astonishing score of 93 points was achieved by Barr Hill Tom Cat gin at Bartender Spirits Awards 2023. 

Tasting Notes:
Prominent oak and botanicals, citrus peel. Very spice-filled finish.

Check out the winner here

10. District Made Ivy City Gin

Image Source: districtmadespirits

New American oak 6-month rested District Made Ivy City Gin are contemporary heirloom flavor-bomb bespoke of the mid-Atlantic. This American dry style is crafted with District Made spirits’ signature forward mash bill, ten vibrant botanicals, and added Juniper. The sweet warmth of wood brightens the aromatic tones of Appalachian allspice in an extraordinary spirit proudly poured.

At Bartender Spirits Awards 2023, District Made Ivy City Gin won a Gold Medal and scored 93 points off the chart. 

Tasting Notes:
Juniper and fennel on the nose. Lemon verbena, pepper, sage, and floral notes on the palate. Dry long finish.

11. OX GINS 20

Image Source: oxhospitality

Distilled at 57.1% with the use of Blenheim Palace water. This floral navy strength gin is unique and was inspired by multi-award winning OX44 Gin.

Utilizing 12 locally sourced botanicals from around the world including black cardamon, lemon and orange peel, and juniper in a traditional copper still, the gin is rested for several weeks resulting in a superbly balanced gin with notes of fragrant juniper, citrus, and subtle spices.

Winner of 92 points and a Gold Medal from Bartender Spirits Awards 2023, The OX 20 had a remarkable venture at the competition.

12. Colombo No.7 Navy Strength Gin

Image Source: thegintomytonic

Colombo No. 7 Navy Gin is a heft, throat-kicking Gin that fluoride the mouth with peculiar juniper flavors. With sweet ginger, an extra helping of curry leaves, and fire-hot coriander with a striking strong texture on the palette. 

Tasting Notes:
Beautiful evergreen pine needles, balanced spice, and a long finish made up of wonderful botanical structure.

Check out the winner here

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