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Bache-Gabrielsen's Exceptional Journey on Winning Double Gold at the Bartender Spirits Awards

Photo for: Bache-Gabrielsen's Exceptional Journey on Winning Double Gold at the Bartender Spirits Awards

29/01/2024 Bache-Gabrielsen shines at the Bartender Spirits Awards, carrying on a tradition of family, passion, and expertise. Two gold medals highlight their iconic brand, leaving an unforgettable influence on the spirits industry.

Introducing Claire Ronsin, the proud representative of the legendary house Bache-Gabrielsen, where family and passion have been the driving forces since its establishment in 1905. Claire entered two remarkable products, Cognac American Oak and Cognac VSOP Triple Cask, in the Bartender Spirits Awards (BSA) and won two gold medals, earning major acclaim in the bar business.

Claire attributes the inspiration for the brand's unique name to its rich familial history. She shares, "Our house has been family-owned since 1905, with Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen as its creator. Today, his great-grandson Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen serves as the current director."

Image Source: Claire Ronsin

Reflecting on the inspiration behind creating the brand, Claire emphasizes, "Family and passion have always been at the heart of everything we have done since 1905." This dedication to tradition and quality is reflected in the craftsmanship of their cognac.

When asked about the impact of winning the BSA on brand awareness and trust, Claire confidently affirms, "Yes." The awards recognition has enhanced visibility while also instilling trust in the brand among customers and industry professionals.

Image Source: Cognac American Oak

The benefits of winning the BSA extend beyond accolades. Claire shares, "Winning 2 gold medals at the BSA last year has been a great recognition for our cognacs in the bar industry." This accomplishment has become a pillar for Bache-Gabrielsen, establishing their products as standouts in the market.

Image Source: Cognac VSOP Triple Cask

The feedback received from the Bartender Spirits Awards has also steered the brand towards continuous improvement. Claire notes, "We were surprised to see a comment about the fact that the jury thought a sugary note was attributed to caramel in our cognac when what we call 'caramel' can be used in cognac only to rectify the color but it has strictly no taste. This means we still have to educate about cognac, how it's made, and its very strict rules regulated by an AOC."

Image Source: Claire Ronsin

In terms of measurable benefits, while it's challenging to quantify, Claire acknowledges the positive impact, stating, "We can't measure this, but it's still a positive point." The recognition and validation from the BSA have likely contributed to increased sales and wider distribution for Bache-Gabrielsen.

Looking ahead to the 2024 Bartender Spirits Awards, Claire expresses enthusiasm, "Yes, we want to measure how well our products are appreciated by bar professionals." Bache-Gabrielsen aims to showcase their unique Très Vieux Pineau, a product gaining awareness in the bar industry and hopes to secure another impressive medal.

When asked about the uniqueness of the Bartender Spirits Awards, Claire emphasizes the importance of the professional jury, stating, "Again, the fact that the jury is composed of bar professionals is great according to us." This unique aspect sets BSA apart from other events and encourages Bache-Gabrielsen to participate again, seeking validation from those deeply immersed in the industry.

To summarize, Claire Ronsin and Bache-Gabrielsen's win at the Bartender Spirits Awards reflects their dedication to family, passion, and excellence. From their rich heritage to their relentless quest for improvement, the brand is a shining example in the spirits sector, making an everlasting impression with each award and recognition received at the BSA.


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