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Award-winning Legacy of ANTIBRANDY

Photo for: Award-winning Legacy of ANTIBRANDY

12/01/2024 From seizing the Grand Distillery of the Year award to winning 6 major medals, Anti-brandy had a remarkable venture at Bartender Spirits Awards 2023. Check out their inspiring anecdote & motive behind every label.

Armenia-based ANTIBRANDY by Aregak Brandy factory had a Great story at Bartender Spirits Awards 2023 with them rousing not 1, not 2 but 6 winning-medal at the competition. With the region being famous for its enviable history with Wine and spirits, scaling back more than 6,100 years, as brandy found its original 150 years ago. Established in 1874, Armenian Brandy Manufacturers is one of the oldest distilleries in Armenia and the only producer of ANTIBRANDY. 

Image source: Aregakbrandy


ANTIBRANDY is a new category of flavored alcoholic beverages based on grape, peach, and apricot distillates with organic spice extracts added. Evaluated high in quality, an alternative to almost any spirits-based recipe which opens up a boundless vision for bartenders & mixologists to curate new ones.

To note ANTIBRANDY is neither vodka, gin, nor Brandy. The uniqueness is remarkable due to its mixability with many cocktails and still tastes the best. Also not to forget ANTIBRANDY Neat tastes incredible; perfect for innovation. 

Image source: Aregakbrandy

Using white indigenous grapes of Garan-Dmak, Kakhet, Chilar, and Voskeat grades for the distillates. The Ararat valley in Armenia numbers over 30 soil types; this is why local vines are lavish in taste varieties. It is a point of honor to serve – to preserve the rare, exclusive quality of the spirits.

To ignite the exclusive taste for the spirits to obtain the brandy “qualities”, they are stored in barrels made up of century-old Armenian oak for at least 3 years, resulting in the distillates obtaining a very special flavor. Such barrels are made nail- and glue-less by using special cooperage technologies. Aregak Brandy Factory considers their cooper a real virtuoso. Its skills are well known far beyond their own “Aregak” factory. 

An interesting fact: Every year around 1.5% of brandy spirits evaporate from the barrels. This is called Angel’s share. 

Every bottle of Brandy is to be considered a treasure due to its astonishing taste profile & the process that curates hand in hand with perfection. 

Image source: ANTIBRANDY

ANTIBRANDY is a six-label tier that turns everything upside down. There are stories about space and the Mexican prairies, about the knights from harsh medieval legends, about a cappuccino world, where tiramisu ships attack your taste buds and the ocean with thousands of rose petals underwater washes the shores of the desert. 

Winning the Best Packaging of the Year at Bartender Spirits Awards 2023, it displayed the story is the taste And the taste itself is the story. For bartenders and mixologists, it opens up doors to get engaged with drinkers in the celebration of this ANTIBRANDY which can read the taste, watch the taste, see and hear the taste.

Award-winning Labels of ANTIBRANDY:

1. ANTIBRANDY Revolt of tiramisu

Image source: ANTIBRANDY

Revolt of Tiramisu is a heavenly balance of Tiramisu and coffee Cappuccino which embraces the palate with tangy Tiramisu instead of the strong regular brandy.  Heavenly pleasure to mix into cocktails or can be experimented with by bartenders & mixologists to invent something as peculiar as it can be. 

Bartender Spirits Awards 2023 selected ANTIBRANDY Revolt of Tiramisu as its Grand Distillery of the Year, with Grand Best Package Of The Year along with 98 points and a  double gold medal marvelously. 

Tasting Notes:
Caramel and toffee on the nose and coffee on the palette. A very delicious coffee liqueur that would have excellent after-dinner drink applications!

2. ANTIBRANDY Provocative All in Basil

Image source: ANTIBRANDY

Comprehensive, complex ANTIBRANDY All in Basil consists of its signature freshness all together proactively. With composed health benefits in basil, it’s fun for mixologists to curate a healthy refreshment that is soft to the palate & citrusy to the tongue.

Impressed Judges at Bartender Spirits Awards 2023 shared their tasting notes “Citrusy, pleasant, and most interesting. Great packaging!”. Anticipation at BSA 2023 competition awarded ANTIBRANDY All in Basil 96 points & a Double Gold Medal. 

The 6th edition of Bartender Spirits Awards 2024 is coming soon, check out more details here

3. ANTIBRANDY The Legend Of Juniper

Image source: ANTIBRANDY

ANTIBRANDY The Legend of Juniper has a unique set of flavor profile. Along with Bartender’s Favourite Juniper, it also holds a blend of lemon & fresh delicate floral essence conveying an exciting adventure with its intriguing flavor.

The legend of Juniper won a Double Gold Medal along with 96 points at Bartender Spirits Awards 2023; making it into the top 10 Double medal winners at the competition. 

Tasting Notes:
A bit floral and delicate on the nose like jasmine tea with some pepper. Has a malty finish.

Check out the winner here: ANTIBRANDY The Legend of Juniper

4. ANTIBRANDY Love, Ginger, Rock-N-Roll

Image source: ANTIBRANDY

At Bartender Spirits Awards 2023, ANTIBRANDY Love, Ginger,  Rock-N-Roll had a blast by winning 95 points & Gold Medal remarkably through its flavor profile. Agreka Brandy Factory’s creation holds a smooth Ginger finish and a quality finish. 

Ginger is its main ingredient, a botanically farmed combination of apricots, grapes, and cardamom innovated into a healthy cocktail or refreshing neat-on-ice serves beautifully on the palate. 

Tasting Notes:
Minty juniper on the nose. Has a gin-like quality on the palette, and finishes with a light sweetness.

Check out the winner here: ANTIBRANDY Love, Ginger, Rock-N-Roll

5. ANTIBRANDY Red Pepper Rider

Image source: ANTIBRANDY

Warm hot ANTIBRANDY Red Pepper Rider is neutral to the senses, with its sweet peach scent & undercovered spice driving an exceptional flavor to cocktails. Open to experiment for Bartenders and Mixologists, ready to deliver solitary uniqueness on your shelf. 

ANTIBRANDY Red Pepper Rider naturally was rewarded spicy 95 points and a Gold Medal at the 5th edition of Bartender Spirits Awards 2023. Along with a distinct distillation process & subtle apricot flavor, the spirit wins perfectly for any unique drinker. 

Tasting Notes:
Delicate vegetal notes and a hint of pink peppercorn on the finish.

Check out the winner here: ANTIBRANDY Red Pepper Rider

6. ANTIBRANDY 20 000 Roses Under The Sea

Image source: ANTIBRANDY

As the name suggests, its complexity in impersonating rose and its flavor earned ANTIBRANDY 20 000 Roses under the Sea perfect 89 points and a Silver Medal at Bartender Spirits Awards 2023. 

A Rose pink color revealing an aroma filled with shades of tea rose and apricot. Following a bright taste enthralled by the tones of red citrus fruits, bergamot, and cloves specifically.

Tasting Notes:
Dominant rose on the nose continuing on the palate and finishing super floral as well.

Check out the winner here: ANTIBRANDY 20 000 Roses Under The Sea


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