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Know Your Bartenders: Adriano Farias da Silva

Photo for: Know Your Bartenders: Adriano Farias da Silva

22/09/2023 Meet Adriano Farias da Silva, 20+ Years of Excellence in the Food and Beverage Industry. Here we chat with him on Bartending

Adriano Farias da Silva has an extensive and impressive career in the Food and Beverage industry with over 20 years of experience. His journey began in 2002 at the Suntory Restaurant, where he started as a Helper Waiter and progressed to the roles of Waiter and Bartender over the next 10 years. Adriano provided responses to the interview questions that followed.

Your current place of work?

Hotel Palácio Tangará

Tell us about yourself.

I have worked in hospitality for 22 years, starting as a busboy, and later Waiter, Bartender, Bar Chef, and Restaurant Manager, I worked in some street restaurants, and in the main luxury hotels in São Paulo, I participated in competitions Bartender since 2006, winning the São Paulo and Brazilian Championships, I have already represented Brazil in a World Championship in Taiwan 2007.


Why did you want to become a Bartender?

I started studying Bartending in 2005, it was love at first sight, I was fascinated by everything that involved the area, from the history of beverages to the history of cocktails, the creativity part is very rewarding when we create we are transmitting a little of our energy, culture, and love for cocktails, the hospitality part fascinates me, every interaction with customers is an opportunity to share culture and stories, being able to show a little Brazilian's through the profession I chose makes me very happy.

What are some of the most important skills for a Bartender?

The most important skills for a Bartender are organization, agility, creativity, a sense of urgency, time management, commitment, and communication.

What do you look for when you plan to buy new products for your business?

When I look for new products for the Bar I always consider quality, innovation, sustainability, cost-benefit, and regionality.

If you had to pick one spirit brand that you love, which one would that be?

Wiba, Brazilian brand of Cachaça

Image Source: Facebook

What's the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is interacting with customers, where I have the opportunity to share a bit of Brazilian culture through my cocktails.

Please share some tips to increase beverage sales in a Bar.

What helps beverage sales at the Bar is having a well-trained team, from assistants to the manager, they need to know every detail about the service being offered to customers.

What do you love hearing as a bartender?

About 3 years ago I started teaching Bartending classes, I'm always studying to stay up to date with new beverages and trends, and social media is a very good tool for seeking knowledge.

Image: Andriano Farias da Silva

How can a customer get your attention in a crowded bar?

Calling me by name respectfully.

What is your go-to "surprise me" order?

My long-term goal is to open my own Bartending school, for professionals in the field and curious people, I intend to use the school as a social project for young people in my community.

Please name 3 bars that you admire and why.

My three favorite bars in Brazil are Sub Astor, Guarita, and Boca de Ouro, all of which work with Brazilianness and great hospitality.

Any good customer story that you recall that comes to mind?

For Christmas 2022 we received a couple, she was Brazilian, and he was Spanish, we shared moments of great joy and relaxation during their stay, the man is a fan of Dry Martini, and she always ordered sparkling wine. On New Year's Eve, they made a video and sent it to me on Instagram wishing me congratulations. Months later they sent me a message on Instagram asking for help to make a cocktail with a Cachaça they had won. I taught them how to make Rabo de Galo, the second most consumed Brazilian cocktail here.

Note: Header Image Source - Sid Patel, CEO, Beverage Trade Network.

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